This blog belongs to the Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture, also known as KITA. We are located in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. KITA offers Training, Consultancy, Research and Sustainable Development programs and services. We dabble in ecological agriculture, permaculture, renewable energy etc. We also run a Nationally Accredited Agricultural College, offering Higher National Diplomas, and much, much more.

Our blog will update you with weekly insights and snapshots of happenings at KITA. Blogs will cover student activities, new and continuing projects, intern/volunteer activities, and other on-campus events.

We welcome you to this page and hope that you enjoy reading our updates.

For any further information visit http://www.kitaghana.org or http://www.facebook.com/kita.ghana, or contact us at director@kitaghana.org. Tel: 0244796059 / 0244382175 / 0244108268 / 0249241453


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  1. I’m in the need of Moringa seeds about 25 kg , let me know if you’re able to provide me


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