AgriCorps Teacher Training

When we look back on our life we often think of the people who helped shape us as human beings. We think of the things that person did to influence us, to help us make the right choices or even encouraged us when we felt as if there was no hope.  That person could be a family member, a friend, a colleague, or even a random stranger you meet in passing.  Often times than not that person is a teacher.  Teachers make an impact, whether we realize it or not, they do.  This is something that was discussed during the Teachers Training held at KITA the last week of March by AgriCorps Members; Chloe Crocker, Haley Clement, Gena Perry, Kelsey Knight, and Nick Traini.

The training consisted of 3 intense days, discussing topics from the importance of a teacher to different and new methods to bring into the class room.  12 local teachers from the Ejisu-Kumasi area came and engaged themselves in order to became better teachers.  The focus of the training was to teach experiential learning methods to improve student learning.   Each session consisted of a different techniques or methodology that was taught by the AgriCorps Members, incorporating different techniques that could be used by the teachers in their own class room. Everything learned was put into effect by having the participants apply each item learned in a sample lesson given on the last day of the training.  It was an over all successful three days and much thanks to KITA for providing the facilities to host this impactful event.


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