February, 2016 at KITA

With the close of the rural enterprise program short courses the arrival of students kept the momentum alive at KITA.  KITA greeted not only returning students but new students to continue there education in the needed field of agriculture.  Students are excited to see what the new year as to offer them at KITA.  In addition to the new students there were some other new faces at KITA during this month.

KITA is responsible for creating a team of individuals to participate in the Global Ecovillage Network Ghana (GEN Ghana) and the Ecovillage Design education (EDE).  The Idea behind this entire program is to create self sustaining culture.  As named in the title it is a Global organization, including Europe, Scotland, North America, Central America and, Africa.  It is a 4-week program comprised of introduction workshops on broad topics such as permaculture to specific topics such as mushroom production.  All of the subjects covered are to help build a well rounded eco village.  There were also workshops on environmental issues and solutions.  Action Accra came to teach how to make furniture out of used water bottles.  There was also a three-day training at Ghana Permaculture Institute.   The participants were selected by the committee from different organizations in Ghana to focus on vision, mission and aim.  The program will carry into March and close with the first ever GEN Ghana Conference hosted on KITA’s campus on March 16th -18th.


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