KITA says AKWABA! To interns from Delft University Technology.

For three month KITA is excited to have Cateau Albers, Marianne Teng, Henriette Teeuwen, Nena Roes, and Nienke Zweers from Delft University Technology in the Netherlands. These five student will be working with KITA students on two different projects.  One project will be to continue designing a more efficient and healthy cook stove for Kenkey makers.  This project will be done by Cateau Albers, Marianne Teng, Henriette Teeuwen and KITA students Eric Yeboah, Freda Mansah, and Michael Adjei Sarpong.  Currently the students have made one prototype and are cuurently in the testing faze with a second prototype on the way.

The second project is all about Moringa.  Nena Roes, Nienke Zweers, Nyikiba Giedon, and Charlotte Charlotte Botchwey have planted over 200 moringa seeds and transplanted them into a field this week.  Then they will harvest and process the moringa for various products.  This will be a nice addition to KITAs campus for students to increase their knowledge in another crop to produce.


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